Reolink Business Camera – Upgrade Your Home Security with 4K Outdoor Cameras

October 25, 2023

Reolink Business camera, the RLC-820A 4K Outdoor Cameras, are a reliable and advanced solution for home security. With features like human/vehicle/pet detection, 4K Ultra HD videos, easy PoE installation, multiple recording options, and real-time motion alerts, these cameras provide enhanced surveillance capabilities for your peace of mind.

I recently purchased the REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras for my home security system, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their performance. The human/vehicle detection feature has been incredibly accurate in distinguishing between actual threats and false alarms, ensuring that I only receive relevant notifications. The 4K Ultra HD videos provide crystal-clear footage, allowing me to see every detail around my property with exceptional clarity. Additionally, the easy PoE installation made the setup process a breeze, eliminating the need for multiple cables and simplifying the overall installation process.

Furthermore, the multiple recording options have been incredibly convenient. Whether I want to continuously record, schedule recordings, or trigger recordings based on motion detection, the cameras offer flexible choices to suit my specific needs. I particularly appreciate the option to save videos to a microSD card, Reolink NVR, or FTP server, providing me with versatile storage options.

The real-time motion alerts have been a game-changer for me. Whenever a potential threat is detected, I receive instant push notifications or alert emails on my device, allowing me to quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action. The Reolink App and Client provide a seamless experience for monitoring the live feed, reviewing footage, and accessing various advanced features from anywhere at any time.

RLC-820A – Unboxing & Easy Setup

Reolink Business camera


Unboxing the RLC-820A, a 4K outdoor camera for home security, is featured in this video. The camera comes with advanced features such as human and vehicle detection, making it an ideal choice for accurate monitoring without unnecessary alerts. With 4K Ultra HD video quality, you can expect clear and detailed footage, ensuring that every move is recorded with precision. The camera also supports easy PoE installation, allowing for a reliable connection with power and video transmission through a single network cable. Setting up the camera is a breeze with the Reolink app, which provides step-by-step instructions for password creation, WiFi network connection, and accessing live view and other powerful functions like smart playback. Whether you mount the camera upside down outdoors or on your home ceiling, you can trust its durability and waterproof design. The RLC-820A is a user-friendly and high-quality security camera that delivers exceptional performance.

Good camera for use with Zoneminder

Reolink Business camera


This camera is highly recommended for use with Zoneminder, according to a satisfied customer. The camera’s 4K resolution and high frame rates ensure excellent picture quality, while the infrared LEDs provide ample light for night vision. The camera’s audio recording capabilities and compatibility with non-PoE ports with 12V power make it even more versatile. The customer also appreciates the camera’s sturdy build, with the cast aluminum mounting plate adding durability to the plastic camera body. With easy access to advanced network settings and the ability to turn off the IR LEDs, this camera offers flexibility and convenience for different surveillance needs.

Reolink Business camera: Good quality camera with audio

Reolink Business camera


Pleased with the camera’s good quality and audio capabilities, another satisfied customer shares their positive experience. They are using the camera indoors with their lorex NVR, and the camera delivers impressive performance. While they mention a desire for higher resolution, they still find the picture quality to be awesome. The customer also mentions an incident where the camera captured a fast-moving person, though the face was slightly blurred. Overall, they highly recommend this camera for its great performance.

Great set of cameras, easy to install

Reolink Business camera


Easy installation and seamless integration with their NVR system are highlighted by a customer who had a positive experience with a set of these cameras. The customer initially purchased and installed the NVR with four cameras, and upon adding two more, they found that the cameras worked great. The ease of installation and reliable performance make these cameras a solid choice for home security.

Reolink Business camera: Buy them for the warranty

Reolink Business camera


With the 8MP version of this camera, a customer shares their experience and praises both the camera’s quality and the exceptional customer service provided by Reolink. They had an issue with one of the cameras, and upon contacting Reolink, they received prompt assistance. The customer service team helped troubleshoot the problem and promptly sent a replacement camera, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The customer appreciates the polite and helpful nature of Reolink’s customer service, making them a loyal customer.

Reolink Business camera: Works fine


Adding these cameras to their existing Reolink system, a customer confirms that they work fine. While they don’t provide further details, this simple statement implies that the cameras integrate well with the customer’s existing setup and meet their expectations.

Well, not quite as impressed as I’d hoped

A customer shares their experience with these cameras, mentioning a potential issue when using them with Blue Iris software. They note that setting up the cameras with Blue Iris can be frustrating, as the cameras may experience artifacts or become unusable for a few seconds. However, the customer acknowledges the good clarity and ease of setup of these cameras. They also compare the cameras to Amcrest cameras, stating that Amcrest cameras have not caused similar issues. The customer indicates that they are still exploring settings and potential fixes for the artifacts in the Blue Iris stream. Despite this issue, they appreciate the camera’s clarity and provide a balanced review.

Reolink Business camera: Excellent quality

Excellent video quality is expressed by a satisfied customer, describing their satisfaction with these cameras. While they don’t provide further details, this positive comment indicates that the cameras deliver on their promise of high-quality footage.


  • Human/Vehicle Detection – The REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras are equipped with on-device detection technology to identify humans and vehicles from other objects. This allows for more accurate threat detection and reduces unnecessary alerts.
  • 4K Ultra HD Videos – These cameras provide 4K Ultra HD video quality, which is 1.6 times clearer than 5MP and 4 times clearer than 1080p. This ensures that details around your home or store are reproduced perfectly in live streaming and playback.
  • Easy PoE Installation – Thanks to the power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, these outdoor cameras can transmit videos and receive power simultaneously via only one network cable. This makes for easy plug-and-play installation and a reliable connection.


  • No microSD Card Included – The REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras do not come with a microSD card included, so you will need to purchase one separately if you want to save videos locally.
  • Limited Reviews – While the product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, there are only 346 reviews available. This may make it difficult to gauge the overall satisfaction and reliability of the cameras.
  • Blue Iris Compatibility – Some users have reported that setting up these cameras with Blue Iris software can be frustrating and may result in issues with the camera stream. This could be a drawback for those who prefer to keep their camera stream in-house without using external software.


In conclusion, the REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras (RLC-820A) have exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and ease of use. With their advanced features, including human/vehicle/pet detection, 4K Ultra HD videos, easy PoE installation, multiple recording options, and real-time motion alerts, these cameras provide superior home security capabilities. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a high-quality and efficient surveillance solution for their home.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can these cameras detect motion in real-time?

Answer: Yes, the REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras have real-time motion detection capabilities. Whenever a threat is detected, the cameras will trigger alerts by sending real-time push notifications or alert emails to your device.

Question: Are these cameras easy to install?

Answer: Yes, these cameras are designed for easy installation. They utilize power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, allowing for a single network cable to transmit videos and provide power. This makes the installation process straightforward and hassle-free.

Question: Can I save the recorded videos locally?

Answer: Yes, you can save the recorded videos locally using a microSD card (up to 256GB, not included), Reolink NVR, or FTP server. This gives you multiple options for storing and accessing your video footage.

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