Digital Signage for Transport

Deliver a consistently great customer experience with digital signage for the transportation industry

Why WBIT Digital Signage for transport signage?

Informing travellers and creating an enhanced travel experience is fundamental for the travel industry. Digital Signage is a powerful tool to help you:

Improve traveller experience

In high traffic areas and spaces where queuing is more likely, such as check-in counters, waiting rooms and terminal transfers, improve the traveller experience by displaying beautiful, inspiring and entertaining digital signage.

Inform travellers

Provide up to date, urgent and essential travel information such as flight / train / bus times, security reminders and notifications of delays or cancellations.

Enhance Shopping Experience

Effective wayfaring signage can help travellers quickly find stores and products when they have little time for shopping. Effective advertising signage can quickly grab their attention and influence on the fly buying decisions.

Businesses are evolving constantly and Digital Signage Software needs to offer:

  • Cost effective software licences
  • Adaptability to changing business requirements
  • A variety of integration options
  • Options for using existing infrastructure

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Competitively priced plans. Monthly or Yearly Terms. Cancel anytime

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