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What Happens If My Site Doesn’t Get Maintenance?

Like any computer, websites require updates and regular maintenance in order to work properly. You could be losing out on sales if your website isn’t properly maintained.

  • Site Could Get Hacked
  • Search Engine Penalties
  • Slow To Load
  • Won’t Load At All
  • Security Issues
  • Lost Sales
  • Insecure Website
  • Website Crashing

Website Maintenace Importance

Creating a website is just the beginning of establishing your online presence; it’s not the final step. To truly succeed and build trust with your audience while growing your business, your website must be secure, load quickly, and provide an excellent user experience.

To attain these goals, consistent maintenance is essential. Whether you choose to outsource maintenance services or handle them internally, it’s crucial to develop a comprehensive website maintenance plan that outlines the necessary steps to keep your website current and optimized.

In this article, we will delve into the key components of an effective website maintenance plan, offering insights into best practices and tools to assist you in its creation.

Why Is a Website Maintenance Plan Important for Site Performance

Neglecting website maintenance often leads to the utilization of outdated software, resulting in sluggish loading speeds, compatibility glitches, and frequent crashes. Such issues can cost you both customers and web traffic or, in more dire circumstances, render your website completely unusable.

Furthermore, the failure to uphold proper website maintenance heightens the risk of malware infiltrations, leaving your website susceptible to data breaches.

Regular maintenance, on the other hand, ensures that all facets of your website function efficiently and optimally. This encompasses the upkeep of plugins, themes, hyperlinks, contact forms, images, payment systems, and the implementation of vital security updates.

Nevertheless, adhering to a structured maintenance schedule can prove challenging without a clearly defined process. This is where a website maintenance plan comes into play.

Furthermore, a web maintenance plan serves as a detailed record of alterations and enhancements made to the site. In the event that the individual or team responsible for maintenance departs, having this documented information simplifies the continuation of website maintenance procedures.


What Does a Website Maintenance Plan Consist Of

1. Web Hosting Management

This service includes taking care of Your web server hosting and ensuring that everything related to it, such as the domain name, hosting plan, and SSL certificate, is set correctly and active.

2. Website Security

The ever-evolving landscape of cyberattack techniques poses a continuous challenge for website proprietors.

Implementing robust website security measures is imperative to safeguard against unauthorized data access, leakage, or replication. This becomes particularly critical when your client’s website contains sensitive information, such as personal and payment details.

Comprehensive security services encompass activities like conducting security scans, addressing security vulnerabilities, and the deployment of firewalls to deter hacking attempts.

For those utilizing a content management system like WordPress, it’s equally vital to regularly install the latest security updates and patches.

3. Website Backups and Recovery

Maintaining consistent backups is vital to guarantee your client’s ability to restore their website data in the event of incidents like cyberattacks or system errors.

The frequency of the backup schedule should align with how often the website’s content undergoes updates. If new posts are added daily, it becomes imperative to conduct daily backups. Conversely, websites publishing new content once or a few times a week should find weekly backups to be satisfactory.

4. Software Updates – CMS, Themes, Plugins

Irrespective of the Content Management System (CMS) employed by a website, the implementation of updates is crucial to maintain its seamless operation. Neglecting regular updates can lead to technical glitches, compatibility clashes, and security vulnerabilities. Among the primary areas requiring routine updates on a website are its theme, plugins, and the core software of the platform.

For instance, you have the latest version of WordPress. Managing all these updates can become overwhelming, especially when your website employs numerous plugins and other tools.

A comprehensive software update package typically encompasses bug fixes and feature enhancements. It necessitates monitoring for available updates, executing them, conducting routine script updates, and addressing any errors that may arise post-update.

Simplify Your Website Updates!

At Wired Byte IT Solutions, We hate over-complicating things. The process for our monthly maintenance program is simple: You tell us who is authorized to make changes, and when you need them made, send over the information. Monthly maintenance work goes into a special class in our project management software. After the work is completed, We will let you know. There are no hourly bills or unexpected charges for maintenance work. Additionally, We will also monitor and proactively update your website to keep it as safe and functional as possible.

Rank Higher!

It is statistically proven that well-maintained websites perform better than those that are not. While some more technologically-savvy people prefer todo their own updating, We realize not everyone is comfortable with manipulating their own site. That’s why we have our website maintenance plan in Lubbock! We want your website to rank well on search engine result pages and see your business grow. An old, or not updated website will not do that, can cause you to loose money. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plan and to get the most out of your Lubbock online marketing.

Why you need it …

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages?

Search engines love fresh content, fast loading, secure & proper hosted websites. A poorly maintained website will hurt your ranking. When users stumble across your pages and doesn’t load properly or looks outdated – it will impact your reputation and give an impression that you don’t really care about your website.

Hiring professional website development and maintenance services will solve all these issues.

Wired Byte IT Solutions has years of experience in delivering top-quality website development and maintenance services. We have a dedicated team skilled in resolving website issues spanning a wide range of technologies. Choose any one of our packages. We will always keep your website fresh, fast alive – and more importantly let you get back to whats important, your business.

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