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Website Maintenance

(WordPress Maintenance)

Are you frustrated with not having the time, knowledge or expertise to properly maintain your company website? Wired Byte IT Solutions are your experts to manage your website at a very affordable price.

As websites have evolved the industry has given rise to new technology advances, security, and features the task of ensuring that your website continues to deliver value has become more and way more complex. More than likely, you have a mediocre web hosting company – but they don’t offer any type of website management.

Have you tried to learn a few things because it’s your website or you’ve been voluntold to manage your company’s website? Unfortunately, managing a CMS website (new style) takes training, time, and resources. Ingredients not many companies can’t muster for their website.

Besides, spending time tinkering with a website is taking away from precious time for business. That’s where professional website Maintenance Packages can help.

Just like most businesses hire bookkeepers to manage their day-to-day financial operations, Maintenance Packages are how businesses hire website professionals to manage their day-to-day website operations.

Small Business generally have smaller, less complicated websites and don’t require a lot of sophisticated reporting or advanced server features. They just need their website to work. For basic websites, we recommend the Small Business Services package, which includes real-time security, performance optimization, and 24/7 monitoring, monthly backups & updates

Growing Small Business with larger, more sophisticated websites would require either the Website as a Service package, or a custom plan.

No matter big or complex your website is – We can handle the updates and simplify your business.

WAAS (Website as a service) is a total package. This service is built to be completely hands free of the business owner. Get a professionally designed website with all the benefits of backups, updates, ongoing maintenance, and specific time amounts of changes to the site. WAAS or website as a service has a couple tiers to fit your business and budget more easily. Don’t worry about your website – let Us handle it for you. Need monthly changes, update pictures or add new content – find the package that is right for you and Your business needs.

Updates & Content Frustrating ?

Are you looking for a IT company that can assist with your ongoing website maintenance? Are you frustrated with not having the time, knowledge or expertise to properly maintain your company website? Wired Byte IT Solutions are your experts to manage your website at a very affordable cost. We manage 100’s of web sites each, With more experience with website maintenance than most other so called “experts” on the web. We have been updating, maintaining, and securing websites for 15+ years. We know what it takes to keep your business website secure and working smoothly.

The biggest security risk and how sites are hacked – is that they are not kept up to date or well maintained. By selecting one of our monthly maintenance packages you will have the peace of mind that your website is in great hands. When you retain Wired Byte IT as your website maintenance partner, We become an extension of your business, and we take that partnership very seriously.


Measure your Visits


All Website Maintenance Packages Include The Following

• WordPress CMS ( most popular )
• Proactive Support
• Expert Advice
• Priority Security Updates
• Plugin/Extension Updates
• Monthly System Checks
• Expert Website Review
• Scheduled Backups
• Dedicated Account Manager

Website Maintenance In Denton

One of our most important goals at Wired Byte IT Solutions is to make our services affordable to you, whether your budget is big or small. With our monthly maintenance plan (CMS / WordPress Maintenance), you pay a flat rate each month.We then take over for all your updates*, backups, and uptime reporting. The monthly maintenance plan eliminates giant bills and wishing you could afford to update your website in Lubbock.

What We Will Do:
• CMS core and plugin updates
• Monthly Secured Backups
• SSL Integration
• Uptime Monitoring
• Hosting* ( On select packages)
• Add or remove products from your online store*
• Add or remove images from your website*
• Add or remove content from your website*
*= ON SELECT PACKAGES ONL, or choose Website as a Service.


Simplify Your Website Updates!

At Wired Byte IT Solutions, We hate over-complicating things. The process for our monthly maintenance program is simple: You tell us who is authorized to make changes, and when you need them made, send over the information. Monthly maintenance work goes into a special class in our project management software. After the work is completed, We will let you know. There are no hourly bills or unexpected charges for maintenance work. Additionally, We will also monitor and proactively update your website to keep it as safe and functional as possible.

Rank Higher!

It is statistically proven that well-maintained websites perform better than those that are not. While some more technologically-savvy people prefer todo their own updating, We realize not everyone is comfortable with manipulating their own site. That’s why we have our website maintenance plan in Lubbock! We want your website to rank well on search engine result pages and see your business grow. An old, or not updated website will not do that, can cause you to loose money. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plan and to get the most out of your Lubbock online marketing.

Why you need it …

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages?

Search engines love fresh content, fast loading, secure & proper hosted websites. A poorly maintained website will hurt your ranking. When users stumble across your pages and doesn’t load properly or looks outdated – it will impact your reputation and give an impression that you don’t really care about your website.

Hiring professional website development and maintenance services will solve all these issues.

Wired Byte IT Solutions has years of experience in delivering top-quality website development and maintenance services. We have a dedicated team skilled in resolving website issues spanning a wide range of technologies. Choose any one of our packages. We will always keep your website fresh, fast alive – and more importantly let you get back to whats important, your business.



  • Core CMS Updates
  • 24 HR Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Backups



  • Core CMS Updates
  • 24 HR Uptime Monitoring
  • Bi-Weekly Backups
  • Image Optimization
  • 24 X 7 Malware Scan
  • Caching Setup & Optimization



  • Core CMS Updates
  • 24 HR Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly Backups
  • Image Optimization
  • 24 X 7 Malware Scan
  • ADVANCED Caching Setup & Optimization
  • CDN Included
  • Sitemap Submissions
  • Google Webmaster Integration