Business VOIP

Cutting-edge VoIP – Now More Affordable than Ever. Gain a competitive edge with Enterprise-grade, full-featured, “work-from-anywhere” VoIP solutions – at a lower cost.

Hosted VOIP Solutions


Different needs require different solutions. Wired Byte IT Solutions offers you more options to cover all of your needs.



Discover our new, low-cost VoIP offering. Offer your customers mission-critical features they need at a budget-friendly price.

Available as Hosted Only.


Enterprise VOIP

Award winning Enterprise-grade Solution with all the high-end features and unlimited flexibility.

Available as Hosted and for customers who want their solution onsite, Premise-as-a-Service (PaaS).


Call Center VOIP

Complete Enterprise Solution and powerful Advanced Call Center Capabilities.

Available as Hosted and for customers who want their solution onsite, Premise-as-a-Service (PaaS).

The Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation Premise Based PBX phone system is designed for organizations needing a fully featured, commercially supported, business communications turnkey solution. Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation Premise Based PBX has features and functions closely integrated into many of the most popular phones and endpoints on the market.

We bundle in advanced functionality and tightly integrate this functionality across phones, web based user control panels and operator panels. Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation Premise Based PBX provides one of the easiest systems for users to get started using, with little or no training.

In addition to the advanced functionality we also provide system integrators with POMPs™ (Peace of Mind Packages), that provide easy upgrade paths, via a tightly controlled upgrade mechanism, allowing you to keep your systems updated with the latest and greatest features, and security fixes, as well as offsite backups of your system.

Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation Premise Based PBX was designed with one thing in mind: enhancing business communications to impact your bottom line. In order to accomplish that goal, we offer some really unique, tightly integrated features that allow you to custom design business communications around your needs.

Business Continuity

Automated Distribution and Rerouting of Calls

If your location fails to receive calls, we offer automated rerouting of calls between geographically-diverse sites connected to our network, or to a designated off-site number, such as a cell phone or a landline. This allows you to maintain receipt of inbound calls in the event of a power, system, or circuit failure.


Fail-Over Hosted PBX Backup System


Our hosted PBX solution is the perfect back-up for your existing system. If your PBX (either premise-based or hosted) fails, or you lose connectivity to your system, the Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation – hosted PBX will deliver calls via an alternate route, if necessary. And our hosted PBX service is charged on a metered rate to help you save money.


Emergency Hosted PBX for Remote Continuity


This is the best line of defense in the event you lose your ability to work from your existing location due to fire, storm, power outage, or other disaster. Simply send your employees to a remote location to work from our hosted PBX with a computer softphone, headset, and Internet connectivity. You may be able to resume critical functions in minutes at a temporary location.

SIP Trunking

Less to Buy and Maintain

  • Up-front capital expense is minimal. No need to own, purchase, install or maintain your own PBX core
  • No more technology obsolescence
  • A simplified infrastructure – access local, long distance, toll-free, and the Internet via the same circuit
  • Phone system change order charges are eliminated


  • High-end features without a high-end price tag
  • Scale up or down based on your business needs – pay for only what’s needed
  • Free on-net and branch-to-branch calling

Bandwidth Efficiency

  • Predictable monthly communications expenses
  • Savings on trunks, toll-free numbers and long distance range from 15% to 50% or more every month
  • Fixed cost or metered long distance
  • Reduced IT staff time commitments

IP Phones


All Clearly IP phones are designed to work with your favorite SIP based PBX or softwitch and can be easily provisioned free of charge using the Clearly IP Cloud Device Manager software.


We can make solutions with wireless phones, desk phones, conference or more. What ever your needs are – We got Ya’ covered.



IP Phones should be cross platform and just work, without the expensive price tags. VOIP phones are budget friendly, feature rich, and will keep your business ringing into the future.

Get carrier-grade services: dedicated high-capacity data, converged voice and data, and Internet.

Guaranteed bandwidth on a redundant, reliable network infrastructure

Scalable bandwidth, from T1 to 100 Mbps and beyond


Point-to-point, any-to-any, and hub-and-spoke configurations

Flexible contract terms

Customized carrier solutions via our competitive wholesale buying agreements


Best-in-class service level agreements

24×7 monitoring and customer support


Dedicated Internet Access

High-speed solutions to support your business-critical web-based applications

An array of affordable, scalable connection options to meet your specific business needs

Metro Ethernet Services


Integrated Ethernet over copper maximizes your existing copper and wiring infrastructure with a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable alternative to traditional WAN solutions, with speeds up to 10 Mbps

Ethernet over fiber is also available for maximum throughput speeds of up to 1 Gbps

What is WBIT Corporation Premise-as-a-Service (PaaS)?


The Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation VoIP Premise Based Telecommunications Platform (also known as “PaaS”) has been designed for organizations needing a fully featured, commercially supported, business communications solution at a fraction of the cost.


Fully Featured

Wired Byte IT Solutions “PaaS” has features and functions closely integrated into many of the most popular phones and endpoints available to the market.

Advance Functionality

We bundle advance functionality and tightly integrate this functionality across; phones, web-based user control panels and operator panels.

Easy to Use

Wired Byte IT Solutions “PaaS” provides one of the easiest systems for users to get started using with little or no training.

P360 Fax vs. Analog Fax

  • Eco-Friendly – Save on Paper & Toner
  • Freedom from Phone Lines
  • Dozens of Features for Fractional Cost
  • Mobility – Send/Receive Faxes Anywhere
  • Fax, Scan & Print with any Fax Machine
  • View Faxes in Secure Online Archive
  • Receive Faxes by E-mail
  • Never Busy Fax
  • Keep Your Number

P360 Fax vs. Legacy Internet Fax

  • Standard Fax Machine Integration
  • Superior Security & Encryption
  • True Multi-User™ Environment
  • Secure Online Document Archive
  • Advanced Fax Document Management
  • Unlimited System Scalability
  • Fax Composition & WYSIWYF Preview
  • Live Fax Status Display
  • On-Demand Reprints & Confirmation Pages
  • Forever Fax – Usage Credits Never Expire
  • Free Internal and In-Network Faxes
  • Simple Zone-Based International Rates

P360 Fax vs. Fax Server

  • Hosted, Managed Cloud Service
  • Superior Features and Performance
  • Compatible with All Standard Fax Machines
  • Unlimited System Scalability
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation
  • Minimized Capital Expenditure
  • Rich Web Client – No Software Licensing
  • No IT Department Required
  • Automatic, Managed Backups
  • Optimal Disaster Recovery Solutions

Wired Byte IT Solutions Corporation’s Customer Relationship Management Module (CRM Link Module)

The CRM Link module is designed to allow you to connect your PBX to your support CRM software to push call history and caller information to your CRM and in conjunction with Zulu allow Click to Call from your CRM and Call Popups into your CRM on inbound calls.


Call History

Send all Call History from the PBX to the CRM. As each call is ended on the PBX and the CDR entries are written a copy of the call history will be sent to the CRM and viewable under the Call History module.

If a call matches the phone number of a Contact, Lead or Account the call history will be shown in those records.


Call Recording

If a call is recorded on the PBX a link to listen to the Call Recording will also be displayed in the Call History.

Optionally have all Call Recordings sent to the CRM for storage and ability to play the Call Recording from the CRM even after the Call Recording has been deleted from the PBX.

Wired Byre IT Solutions LIVE includes a full suite of applications to make and receive calls and set up video conferences at a budget-friendly price. Wired Byre IT Solutions LIVE offers companies the mobility to easily and cost-effectively support remote and work-from-home users so that they can literally work from anywhere.


Work from Anywhere

With Wired Byte IT Solutions LIVE, you can « Work from Anywhere » solution that gives all the features You need and mobility to collaborate from anywhere – at home, at the office, anywhere on the go.


Stay Connected

Enjoy Mobile calling, Desktop and Video calling and other business-critical features including Collaboration, Screen Sharing and Chat. Customers can stay connected from anywhere, anytime and across multiple devices and optimize their investment.

Let’s Work Together

Your opinions and questions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.