Digital Signage for Corporate

Improve employee engagement with digital signage in the corporate sector.

Why WBIT Digital Signage for corporate signage?

Engaging and communicating with employees is vital in the corporate sector. Digital Signage is a powerful tool to help you:

Improve Internal Communications

Help internal communications teams deliver important and timely information to all employees without adding to the issue of email overload. Reach and engage all employees with effectively digital signage communications.

Reduce Spend on Printed Materials

Printed menus, promotional posters and leaflets are a thing of the past. Reduce spend and printing delays and display your content instantly on your screen.

Improve Employee & Visitor Safety

Deliver important and timely safety information and reminders to employees and visitors to your business on digital displays in high traffic areas.

Businesses are evolving constantly and Digital Signage Software needs to offer:

  • Cost effective software licences
  • Adaptability to changing business requirements
  • A variety of integration options
  • Options for using existing infrastructure

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Excellent Tech Support

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Safe & Secure

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Almost all businesses face a common challenge of distributing timely internal communication to their employees, irrespective of their location. Using a corporate digital signage solution, it is easy to distribute information in real-time to visitors and employees; located in different sections of a building or even across multiple locations worldwide.

Effectively communicating with members of an organization, whether they are employees or visitors is successful internal communication. A successful internal communication strategy includes timely and precise communication to the message recipients, in a manner that is easily accessible and visible to them. Digital signage is a medium that can be installed at multiple focal points within a business environment and will make sure that all participants are aware of the internal announcements.

The digital signage internal communications could cover both corporate and general interest topics with the goal of providing a stimulating viewer experience and not just a drab all-business tool. The general messages could include live news, weather and or topics that may interest the organizations audience.

In certain organizations, it is a mandatory requirement to provide internal communication, such as workers rights to be informed and consulted (in Europe). Engaging internal communication is also a way to involve employees by displaying information and asking for feedback and comments with a view to improve overall productivity. Simply put, a good digital signage internal communication is a dialogue process between employers and employees.

Studies by expert management organizations and specialized internal communication entities find that communicating with employees is an effective method of stimulating more involvement with personnel and subsequently building an inclination of the employee to come to work and be a part of the organization, with a positive attitude.

Advantages of Corporate Digital Signage using Wired Byte IT Solutions – Wired Signage

  • Setup content and playlist easily from a single Dashboard and manage multiple screens remotely
  •  Show internal communication repeatedly, to make sure that the employee has received the announcement
  • Over 800 customizable templates to create attractive display content
  • Manage scheduling including automatically turning screens ON / OFF at pre-determined times
  • Simultaneously display LIVE Weather and News (in the scrolling banner) to grab viewers attention periodically

How Corporate Digital Signage helps:

  • Alert visitors and employees of emergency information
  • Create a strong corporate culture and brand identity
  • Digital menu board for different times of day using dayparting
  • Display health and safety messages
  • Generate enthusiasm among your employees
  • Highlight products and solutions
  • Keep track of sales, production and internal analytics
  • Manage employee training
  • Show functions, events, daily schedules and other internal communication
  • Wayfinding for visitors

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