Website As A Service

A Website as a Service (WaaS) is a service that provides website design, hosting, security, updates, and ongoing support for a low setup and an ongoing monthly rate, instead of as a one-time price.

With the popularity of “as a Service” products, like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other variations of this model popping up, there is some misinformation about what exactly a Website as a Service offer should include.

In this post we cover:

  • What WaaS Should Include
  • Why Website Design Is So Important To WaaS
  • Benefits of WaaS
  • Website as service Pricing - Whats the cost of WaaS?
  • Benefits of Our WaaS Offering over others

What Should WaaS Include?

If you come across an offering and it doesn’t include these things, it is not WaaS, as I will explain why in more detail below. Essentially the “as a Service” model should keep the end user from having to worry about the basics of the website for as long as they have it. WaaS must include these things.

There are variations on all of these, but the one I see people leave off the most, is the ongoing website updates. Some do not provide design updates at all, and some only provide design updates every 2, 3 or even 4 years out. This is NOT a WaaS offering.

Initial Website Design

The Initial design and development of your website


Regular updates and testing for ongoing functionality improvements.


Regular backups and a recovery plan to get you back up quickly if something does go wrong.

Design Updates

Ongoing front end updates to keep your site up to date and modern.


Website, server, fraud and browser protections, including SSL certificates.


The server environment that your website and all of its files and database live.


Ongoing support to help ensure that the website matches the level of service and quality you provide.


Ongoing service and maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly

What Does WaaS Cost? Website As A Service (WaaS) Pricing

We have seen pricing ranging from $200 to a $3000 setup and a monthly charge of between $100 and $600 per month. This typically depends on how complicated the website is. A basic informational website with some contact forms and a chat will be a lot less expensive than a website with eCommerce, multi-vendors, payment gateways, and events.

Our pricing ranges is below but quickly from $500 – 1K* for setup and low as $197 a month, with no contracts.

Major Benefits Of Our WaaS Offer Over Others

Wired Byte IT Solutions WaaS aims to go above and beyond what others are doing and providing. While we are not the first to call ourselves “WaaS” I believe we are the first to actually offer it in the U.S. as it actually should be.

  1. Ongoing Website Design Updates: TMany companies dont do this – but this should not be an option, it should be required, but we have noticed that most do not do this.
  2. Premium Website Hosting: Many other website designers and developers use GoDaddy, SiteGround or general just shared hosting. We have a custom server that is built to help us with AI, automation & most of all security technologies to keep your site updated and secured.
  3. Speed and Security Enhancements: We build on our own servers so in turn We can provide higher level caching and speed enhancements, as well as security. Every website sits behind dual Web Application Firewalls (WAF’s) and actively maintains site integrity blocking common and uncommon attacks and taking preventative measures to ensure speed and security. We take DdOS protection very serious!

Why Website Design Is So Important For WaaS

Website design, and ongoing design updates, are important to a WaaS service for several reasons, but to understand those reasons, we must first understand what the “as a Service” model is, what the benefits are of things like SaaS and why it is so popular.

SaaS is a really popular buzzword in business right now. For a bit of a better understanding of this model, We will go over some familiar options:

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is very similar to Office 365. Users found themselves on outdated technology and features and extremely costly, time consuming and frustrating to migrate to newer versions. Especially if there were more than one version between them, which happened often for the same reasons stated about Office 365.Now QuickBooks has an online version that is always up to date AND is always available in the cloud. No more running on old software, using dated technology and having to hire outside help to manage massive migrations and updates to the accounting software.

Office 365

Office 365 is a SaaS (Software as a Service). If you remember their old model (still available) you would shell out roughly $300 for a CD, DVD or even a Floppy Drive in the good ol’ days. Then you would install that on your computer. In a couple of years, when it was so outdated you would be forced to update, so you would shell out another couple hundred dollars per person.This had several drawbacks. People and businesses were always behind. It was an expensive chunk to dole out every so often, so companies would wait as long as humanly possible to update, sacrificing productivity, time, frustration and typically forcing users to jump between versions with drastic design and functionality changes.O365 gives them the option to pay monthly and always stay up to date. No more worrying about how “out of date” is too “out of date” and going through a massive migration.

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