Privacy Policy Disclaimer

Required Privacy Policy Disclaimer for all websites We build, manage, or integrate with.

Website Privacy Policy

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The Importance of Website Policies

This document helps explain what website policies are and how they help you comply with laws and also protect you by limiting your liability. 

This document covers the three most common policies found on websites:

  1. Privacy Policy (page 2)

    1. May be required under multiple privacy laws

    2. Required to utilize several third-party tools

    3. Can apply to businesses of any size and location

  2. Terms of Service (page 3)

    1. Limits your liability for potential copyright infringements and third-party links

    2. Answers commonly asked customer questions

    3. Sets the rules for using your website

  3. Disclaimer (page 4)

    1. Limits your liability (if applicable)

  4. Cookie Policy and cookie consent banner

    1. A Cookie Policy is required under several privacy laws.

    2. A cookie consent banner helps collect consent prior to installing non-essential cookies onto a user’s browser or device, a requirement under several privacy laws.

We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice.  We do, however, believe that this information is important and ask all of our clients to sign the final page of this waiver, acknowledging that we have provided you with this information.