We are IT enthusiasts that like to help the small business. Having worked with just about every size company out there – Small business’s get all the slack. Our company got started to help the small business out – because We got tired of seeing companies flat out get ripped off by others. Companies telling business owners “oh you need this 5K website, or this 3K ‘thing-a-majig’ – when neither were needed.

Our goal in business like previous stated is to help out the small business. Our goals, intentions, and plans are designing with the small business in mind. Not saying that We don’t work with or haven’t worked with large companies – small business’s are usually the ones counting pennies to stay open. All over the internet you can google search “Website design <your city>” or “It services” and come up with a TON of results from all over the nation. 98% of them that We found have generic quick answers for problems. Most of the time the solution they mark necessary isn’t the right one – its a bandaid so You will call them again very soon for something else. We believe in business you treat a company right they will call you again. Go in fix the problem at at hand, fix future problems if possible, and the next time needed Our number will be at the top. A IT company is to keep computers, servers, websites and more running in the background so the company can do whats best – make money and make customers happy.


We offer a variety of solutions to fit every business I.T. needs. IT Services should not be complicated – We simplify the entire IT process. From networking, cellular service, VOIP Services, servers, web design & web hosting, and beyond. Call Us for your managed services needs.

Unlimited help desk support, 24/7 monitoring, and consulting. Wired Byte IT Solutions will equip, optimize, and support your technology infrastructure to improve your business’s efficiency. Voip & Web Design Too.


With 24 Hour remote services, proactive approach to errors and eliminating downtime.

Always There For You

We proactively monitor systems, networking and more to insure your downtime is completely eliminated or very minimal.


We offer multiple services with IT - to insure you company is taken care of and not vulnerable to attacks or downtime.

Taking Care of Business

Affordable IT Solutions with proactive monitoring – Litespeed web hosting, and more gives your business the professional look it needs.


Firewalls, DdOS protection, Windows updates and more - is just the tip of security ice berg. We knock down mountains for Our clients to keep them protected.

Power of the cloud

A proper firewall, updates and more keep you safe. We implement the best technology with active monitoring to keep your business running.


Huge things happen when business and information technology services come together. Keep in mind … it’s the people that suffer the most from data breaches, virus’s, hackers, and malware. Our ultimate goal is provide state of the art solutions that improve your business with technology. While protecting your business and customers with full cyber security solutions. IT Services keep your business running, limit and remove the downtime with proper hardware, software and redundancies.

More Productive
less problems with IT
More exposure on the internet*!